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This video introduces Kevin and explains how we can deliver storm-ready roofs that pay for themselves.

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Even if you don’t think you need a new roof right now, going Fortified protects your family and home, and increases the value of your home, at little to no cost.

Fortified Roof Insurance Company

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We use the FORTIFIED standard, which is the best for storm protection. Click on the video below to see what happens when hurricane-strength winds hit a standard house (on your left) and a FORTIFIED house (on your right).

This IBHS video shows how homes perform in hurricane conditions

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MyStrongHome is a benefit corporation with a mission to strengthen communities in coastal areas. Fortified Roof Affordable Insurance Company We work with a sister non-profit organization called the Foundation for Strong Homes. Together, we provide home upgrades that meet the standards of the FORTIFIED for Safer Living program of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety and help customers lower their long-term insurance costs. We also help our customers secure financing for those improvements from one of our lending partners. We are dedicated to developing innovative, proven and fully certified programs that improve community access to critical resources needed to withstand future storms.