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We fortify your home.
The upgrades pay for themselves through insurance savings.
You enjoy peace of mind.

New Roof

Upgrades include roof weather-proofing or replacement, attic ventilation & structural fortification.

Lower Insurance

The MyStrongHome upgrades reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Pays for Roof

Not only is your home FORTIFIED against future risk, the lower insurance premium pays for the new roof.

Peace of Mind

Your home is protected. Your insurance premiums are reduced. You win.

What People are Saying

100% of participants surveyed were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with MyStrongHome.

Join many homeowners who have taken advantage of our unique and proven solution to fortify your home, improve its value and reduce your long-term insurance costs.

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Even if you don’t think you need a new roof right now, you may be eligible for a roof that better protects your family and home , and increases the value of your home, at little to no cost.

How It Works



Certified contractors evaluate your home to determine the upgrades it needs to meet FORTIFIED standards.



Evaluate our proposal and decide if it is right for you.



We send one of our carefully selected contractors to do the work, using best-in-class materials. The work usually takes 1-2 days.


Buy Insurance

You buy insurance from one of our participating carriers. The insurance savings pay for the upgrades.


Enjoy a Stronger Home

and pocket the savings after the construction loan is paid off.

The last house standing after September 2008's Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas.

Home storm protection that pays for itself

We improve the structural integrity of your roof, helping it withstand future weather disasters and giving you peace-of-mind for years to come.

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MyStrongHome is a benefit corporation with a mission to strengthen communities in coastal areas. We work with a sister non-profit organization called the Foundation for Strong Homes. Together, we provide home upgrades that meet the standards of the FORTIFIED for Safer Living program of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, provide financing for those improvements based on future insurance savings, and are a licensed insurance agent. We are dedicated to developing innovative, proven and fully certified programs that improve community access to critical resources needed to withstand future storms.