MOBILE—The innovative Strengthen Alabama Homes (SAH) program reports a several year backlog of work. If a homeowner needs a Fortified roof now, he/she should seek alternative financing. This is according to a recent letter from state’s department of insurance.  The letter concludes by saying, “Fortifying your home is one of the best investments made in making your home more resistant to storms.”

But what if you’re one of the thousands waiting on the SAH grant, you want the protection of a Fortified roof now, require financing, and you need a new roof now?


A recently completed Fortified roof. The homeowner is saving $800 a year in homeowner's insurance that helps pay for the roof.
A recently completed Fortified roof. The homeowner is saving $800 a year in homeowner’s insurance that helps pay for the roof.

Available Financing Solution

MyStrongHome is a benefit corporation with a mission to make homes more storm resistant in disaster-prone areas. The company offers an innovative financing solution for Alabama homeowners. The company uses the FORTIFIED standard that was developed by Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), a nonprofit that conducts objective, scientific research to identify and promote the most effective ways to strengthen homes, businesses and communities against natural disasters and other causes of loss.

Insurance companies  pay fewer claims, and they love the FORTIFIED standard. The companies are willing to help homeowners defray the roof cost with reduced premiums. MSH has created partnerships with insurance companies, guaranteeing  homeowner insurance reductions (up to 48 percent). MSH then arranges for roofing contractors trained in the Fortified standard to perform the work. Homeowners often pay little or no cost for the upgrades, and roofers are not paid until the roof is certified as Fortified.

MyStrongHome Founder Margot Brandenburg says the roof improvements can be completed in a single day.  All homes receive the FORTIFIED designation.

“It’s a one-stop shop for consumers,” says Brandenburg. “We combine construction, lending and insurance services that make it easier and more affordable for homeowners to strengthen their home so they are ready for the next storm. MyStrongHome may be able to provide its services at little to no upfront cost to the homeowner. It just depends on the cost to retrofit the home and the amount of insurance savings.”