MyStrongHome customer Summer Wang and her husband recently put their house on the market, and it sold quickly. The inspection report confirmed another benefit MyStrongHome had for the Wangs.

Wang and her husband had bought their New Orleans home in 2006. It was new construction, and the roof should have had a lifespan of 20 years. Unfortunately, the Wangs had no idea that it had been improperly installed. When she discovered water leaking from her ceiling during a rainstorm in early 2017, though, she knew something was wrong. Water was coming in, damaging the interior of their house, and they needed a new roof.

“We weren’t happy,” says Wang. “A roof is a big expense and the majority of people don’t have $10,000 laying around to spend on a roof.”

Wang had heard about MyStrongHome and how you could get a state-of-the-art FORTIFIED roof that would cost less than a conventional roof. Intrigued, she called MyStrongHome, sent in her insurance information, and within a few days, Wang found out that it was true.

“After that, we were convinced,” Wang says. “We could get a better, stronger roof and it was cheaper.”

The Wang House with its Fortified roof.

Wang noted another significant advantage to going with MyStrongHome. Unlike the house’s first roof, a third party consultant, Disaster Smart, would inspect the roof—as it was being constructed—and it would be certified as FORTIFIED. Proof positive that the roof was built correctly.

The Wangs were thrilled with their roof, but decided 15 months later to sell their home so their daughter would have more room to run around. They recouped the money they’d spent on the roof through the price they received for the house, and they paid off the rest of their MSH loan with no hassle or penalty. When the buyer hired an inspector to come out and examine the house, his report reinforced what Wang already knew.

“He noted in his report that this was the best roof he’d ever seen,” Wang says.