MyStrongHome was formed after 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, with a mission is to protect homes and communities from hurricanes and other extreme weather. We upgrade houses to the FORTIFIED standard, usually by installing a new roof, and help people finance the work with future homeowners insurance savings.  Currently, MyStrongHome works in the coastal areas of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Our Founders

Margot Brandenburg

Chief Executive Officer

Margot is founder of MSH & brings 15+ years of experience in mission-driven business and non-traditional finance. She was formerly Senior Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, serves as Board Chair of a Community Development Finance Institution in Brooklyn and is co-author of the book The Power of Impact Investing. She is based in New York City.

Eleanor Kitzman

Chief Administrative Officer

Eleanor is cofounder of MSH and brings several decades of experience in insurance law, regulation and operations, including serving as Insurance Commissioner for the states of South Carolina and Texas and running insurance companies in Louisiana (rehabilitation of insolvent insurer) and South Carolina. She is based in South Carolina.

Ramsey Green

Chief Operating Officer

Ramsey is cofounder of MSH, and brings 15+ years experience in real estate development, facilities operations, and finance. Ramsey is also an adjunct professor in the Homeland Security Studies Program at Tulane University and is the chairman of the board of the New Orleans School Facility Finance Foundation (the tax credit board for New Orleans public schools). He is based in New Orleans.

Our Partners

  • Insurance

    MyStrongHome partners with insurance companies that offer substantial discounts for FORTIFIED homes. In most states, these discounts are not mandatory, and many carriers only offer modest savings to FORTIFIED homeowners – if they offer any at all. Because MyStrongHome uses FORTIFIED discounts to pay for the FORTIFIED home improvements, our customers who wish to take advantage of this financing will need to obtain a Homeowners insurance policy from one of our partners. Currently, MyStrongHome partners with SageSure Insurance Managers, the largest independent residential property Managing General Underwriter in the United States, to make this coverage available. SageSure is the program manager for Federated National Insurance Company and has partnered with MyStrongHome to bring excellent coverage and FORTIFIED credits from Federated National to our customers. Read here why Federated National was chosen by Forbes as one of America’s 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies. To learn more about SageSure and the insurance products they offer, please visit

  • Construction

    Our network of participating contractors has been carefully selected for their attention to quality, professionalism and experience with FORTIFIED construction. Due to the volume of projects we give them, they can offer superb service – using the highest quality materials – at the lowest possible price. MyStrongHome contractors also do not get paid until your house gets certified.

  • Inspection

    DisasterSmartMyStrongHome uses Disaster Smart to inspect 100% of the homes we fortify. Disaster Smart is the leading inspector in the region, and their team of evaluators possess decades of combined experience.

Our Investors

  • Prudential Financial
  • Rockefeller Foundation