• We perform an assessment

    After obtaining some additional information about your home and current insurance, we send a certified contractor to evaluate the home and determine the upgrades it needs to meet FORTIFIED standards.

  • You evaluate our proposal

    After the assessment, we will present construction, financing and insurance options to you for review, and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

  • We manage construction

    We select a specially trained, highly skilled contractor to perform the work on your home and ensure that it is being done properly.  We also obtain the FORTIFIED Certificate from IBHS, which is yours to keep.

  • We arrange new insurance

    Fairly priced insurance is critical and we have insurance partners that recognize the value of FORTIFIED and offer more generous premium discounts than most other insurers. As much as 75% of your total premium may be due to hurricane and wind risk – risk that can be dramatically reduced through a FORTIFIED upgrade. We use this savings to pay for the roof, so we can recycle the funds.

  • You enjoy a stronger home at no additional out-of-pocket cost

    Your house is stronger, and your monthly construction loan payment + your new insurance premium payment combined is no more than what your are currently paying for insurance alone. When the roof has been repaid, the insurance savings are yours to keep!