MyStrongHome delivers home upgrades that meet the FORTIFIED requirements of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS).  FORTIFIED is the industry standard for disaster mitigation, and is based on decades of research and data collection. All MSH customers will receive a FORTIFIED certificate as proof of their designation.

Below is a video produced by IBHS in 2011 that shows FORTIFIED in action. The two homes are built to the same codes and standards of a mid-western city. However, the home on the right was built to FORTIFIED standards while the home on the left was not. Both houses were then wheeled into the IBHS Research Center wind tunnel and subjected to winds of 100 mph. Click on the video to view the result:

FORTIFIED is widely recognized by insurance companies. There is also data to suggest that it improves home values 7% according to a 2016 study by the Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research.

B Corporation

Roof insurance compamy

MyStrongHome is a B Corporation, meaning we are among a group of companies that has been called ‘the highest standard in socially responsible business.” B Corps exist to create value for all of their stakeholders, not just their shareholders. For MyStrongHome, the safety and financial wellbeing of our customers is the consideration that drives our business every day.

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