November 13, 2015

Featured on Next City
BY: Jen Kinney

As a native of Mobile, Alabama, Jerryln London has lived through her share of hurricanes, including some memorable ones: Camille in ’65, Frederick in ’79 and Katrina in ’05.

“I refer to life before and after Katrina,” she says. “[After], the cost of living on the coast became so expensive.”

In its wake, the cost of homeowner’s insurance in hurricane-prone locales climbed. In some places, hurricane coverage can now be as much as three-quarters the cost of an entire policy. In 2014, London paid $1,258 a year for wind damage coverage alone.

Not anymore. In Spring 2015, her home was retrofitted through MyStrongHome, a program that helps homeowners affordably stormproof their houses to better withstand extreme weather. Instead of paying for construction up front, homeowners pay back retrofitting costs with the money they save on insurance after the house is less risky to insure.

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