Low-income homeowners can often be the victims of predatory lenders and scam artists. A recent investigation by News Channel 8 in Tampa revealed that two convicted con artists, who spent time in prison for home improvement fraud, were back in the Tampa area. As the investigation revealed, the men were marketing home improvements to low-income homeowners, “selling them longterm loans they couldn’t afford,” and overcharging for the improvements.

In a follow up story, News Channel 8 reported on MyStrongHome partner, SELF, and the great work the organization is doing for low-income homeowners in Florida. The report pointed out that the nonprofit SELF Home Improvement Financing Program has helped more than 850 homeowners in 22 Florida counties. SELF is funded by grants, churches and private investors with a mission to help, not profit.

SELF team showing off a MyStrongHome lawn sign.

SELF Executive Director Doug Coward puts it succinctly, “Our main objective is to work for local property owners.”

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