After 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures had destroyed her house, New Orleans resident and newest MyStrongHome customer Claire Sommers chose to rebuild. She wanted to be prepared for future storms—“it’s going to happen. I don’t know when, but it’s going to happen again”—so she took precautions like elevating the new house. But as Sommers points out, there were many slipshod contractors at the time, and the quality of work wasn’t always high.

“You took what you could get,” Sommers says. “So only a little more than 10 years later, I found out that my roof was rotting, and I needed a new roof.”

When Sommers heard about MyStrongHome, she dug into the particulars and came away impressed. Unlike her first roof, the FORTIFIED roof would use more durable materials, making it stronger, storm resistant, and sealed to prevent water leaking. Plus, the new roof would be certified as FORTIFIED, and would net Sommers savings in homeowner’s insurance.

After filling out the online application, Sommers worked with a MyStrongHome representative, who explained the process and arranged for a FORTIFIED-certified roofing contractor to put in the new roof. Once the contract was signed, it wasn’t long before Sommers had a new, stronger roof, which took only one day to install.

Claire owns two greyhounds, so naturally there’s a greyhound street “Rue Greyhound” in her yard.

“I think it was very efficient,” Sommers says. “Everyone I spoke to returned emails and phone calls. I am very pleased with the process: the certificate of inspection and the thoroughness. I have not a complaint, not a one.”