We’ve always thought we had a great model for making homes stronger and using insurance savings to pay for it, and now the judges agree.

At last week’s INNO conference, MyStrongHome CEO Margot Brandenburg participated in the Start Up of the Year pitch competition, winning one of the coveted top two places. The two finishers will join 98 other startups from around the world in the Start Up of the Year championship in Memphis, TN.

“It was really gratifying to be selected considering who the judges are,” says Brandenburg. “These are people who have experienced success in the entrepreneurial and startup world. Some have served as advisors, investors, educators, and founders, but what ties them together is they all know what it takes to be a top business.”

MSH CEO Margot Brandenburg makes the pitch at INNO Conference.

Initially competing against hundreds of companies, Brandenburg made it through three rounds before making her final pitch and becoming a top two finisher.

“When we started the company, I knew we had a smart way for homeowners to get a new, stronger roof,” Brandenburg says. “So it’s wonderful to be honored, but it means even more to me to know we’ve helped so many families along the way.”