“It’s the best system I’ve ever come across”

 With more than 25 years experience as a roofer, Mitch Wilbanks knows roofs, and he says it is your home’s primary safeguard against severe weather. And when it comes to getting a new roof, it’s something you need to take very seriously.

“The products, the application you select for your home and the contractor you choose to install them, make a huge difference in your home’s protection,” Wilbanks says.

Wilbanks serves as operations manager for Ducky Johnson, who is MyStrongHome’s newest Louisiana roofing contractor, and is very impressed with MyStrongHome and the FORTIFIED roof.

“As a roofer, it’s the best system I’ve ever come across,” Wilbanks says. “Not only does the homeowner win with a better stronger roof, but they will also get a discounted insurance policy, which can pay for the roof.”


In addition to roofing services, Ducky Johnson provides disaster mitigation services, so Wilbanks has seen too often what happens with weak roofing systems. Wilbanks says there are many advantages to the FORTIFIED roof, starting with the plastic sheathing, which is under the shingles and attaches to the roof decking.

Ducky Johnson's Mitch Wilbanks.
Ducky Johnson’s Mitch Wilbanks.

“It’s an ice and water shield barrier, so even if you lose shingles, you’re still protected from water leaking in during a rain storm,” Wilbanks says. “Water damage can be a huge cost for homeowners.”

When a hurricane strikes, the pressure from wind blowing against the house structure can often blow a roof off. Wilbanks says the FORTIFIED system, which has been rigorously tested in hurricane-strength winds, takes this possibility into account.

“The FORTIFIED roof is attached to the decking with 8D ring shank nails, and there’s more construction tying the roof to the house structure, and that gives you much protection against losing the roof,” Wilbanks says.

Ducky Johnson is a third-generation family-owned company, and Wilbanks says the company was excited to partner with MyStrongHome and recently completed its first roofing job for a very satisfied customer.

“We’ve been working in disaster mitigation for many years, and delivering a better product to the homeowner is something we want to do.”